Italy: Pretty Pictures

Roman Light, morning at the Capitoline
Perugia, Etruscan burial urns
Rome, Trastevere, three crosses
Corciano, house front
Corciano, belltower
Gubbio, view over the countryside
I managed to find a place for most of the pictures I took that were just plain pretty. Here's a few more I especially liked, but they just didn't seem to fit in anywhere. Artists often talk about the special quality of light in Rome, and I have been ravished by it on several trips. I did get one photo that suggests this special quality. Both the photo of the Etruscan burial urns and the three crosses were purely accidental--I didn't realize there was anything special about them until I was looking through the photos later. Both had been taken simply as records of where I had been. Everything about Corciano was beautiful. Here's two more examples. And, finally, the picture from Gubbio seems to me to capture a quality of desolation. While I wasn't feeling that way, I suspect Bruce did when he realized he was lost there.

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